Ability to Search Across the Articles

I was able to find my games, but I felt the desire to search specific content in those games or across the site. Search gives the user the control, navigation helps guide and inform users on direction to take. Navigation/information architecture often informs the users what they can [search](https://www.nngroup.com/videos/search-box-vs-navigation/). Given the nature of a news platform (large amount of content), it's likely search could empower or enable users to find the content they want. That said, since we have a pretty simple way to bucket the IA (by games), it may not be [as impactful](http://chil.rice.edu/research/pdf/KatzByrne03.pdf). Most research seems to suggest individuals generally prefer to use in-app navigation over search. Because we have an obvious categorical grouping (by game) users will likely prefer navigation. Search may still be beneficial and, if implemented, it likely makes sense to have it be a supporting navigation item, not the "main piece" given this context. Related research/articles: - https://www.cludo.com/blog/search-vs.-navigate-how-people-behave-on-websites-do-they-search-or-do-they-navigate - https://measuringu.com/search-browse/ - http://uxmyths.com/post/717755413/myth-search-will-solve-a-websites-navigation-problems - https://blog.optimalworkshop.com/many-people-use-search-navigation - http://www.agconsult.com/en/usability-blog/navigation-versus-search